AQST Canada Inc.

Gurvinder Chohan
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 450-500-5700

Sunny Chohan
Director of Operations

300 Joseph Carrier
Vaudreuil, QC, J7V 5V5

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AQST Canada Inc. is a global company offering multiple proprietary space and propulsion systems technologies, materials and services solutions to develop the most innovative space engineering solutions to solve the most critical challenges.

AQST Canada, Inc. is fully engaged in providing the tools to defend and guarantee the freedom and democracy in space and beyond for the present and future of humankind. All the technologies we are offering integrate the most advanced and innovative technologies in the world.

Our engineering space solutions include, among others:

  • GEO Spacecraft;
  • Electric Propulsion Systems;
  • Remote Sensing Solutions; and
  • Robotics Systems.