Airshare, Inc.

Shanaz Sigouin
Founder & Chief Administration Officer
Tel: (613) 797-6437
| Fax: (613) 425-0608

Rick Whittaker
Founder & CEO
Tel: (613) 301-2940
Fax: (613) 425-0608

7 Bayview Road

Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3B5

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AirShare, Inc. is an Airspace Service Provider (ASP) with offices in Canada and the United States.The company leverages expertise in aerospace engineering, guidance systems, UAVs, and sensors to autonomously manage low-altitude autonomous aerial vehicles. AirShare’s OVERWATCH™ product line protect airports, manned aircraft, and people from wayward and malicious UAVs (“drones”).


AirShare’s OVERWATCH™ system safely and effectively stops small drones from encroaching on protected airspace and personnel. The end-to-end system detects, tracks, and mitigates wayward and malicious drones in seconds with little to no operator intervention. OVERWATCH™ is safe to operate in urban and manned aircraft environments. OVERWATCH™ has been selected by the Government of Canada and is now being offered to military, law enforcement, public safety, and civil infrastructure clients.