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Airbus is a global leader in defence, space, and secure communications. An established supplier to the Canadian Government, Airbus Defence and Space puts a strong focus on core businesses: Military Aircraft; Space Systems; Unmanned Aerial Systems; Communications, Intelligence and Security – including Cybersecurity; and related systems and services.

Airbus develops and engineers fixed-wing military aircraft, unmanned aerial systems, and cutting-edge technologies for the most challenging missions such as combat, search and rescue, transport, ISR, and air-to-air refuelling. Together, the A400M, C295, CN235, A330 multi-role transport and tanker (MRTT), and the EurofighterTyphoon make up a world-class family of products operated by air forces worldwide.

In 2016, Airbus was awarded a contract to deliver 16 C295W search and rescue aircraft to the Royal Canadian Air Force; as well as support systems, including a training centre, initial spare parts, tools, support and test equipment, five years of maintenance and support for the aircraft. Airbus has teamed with PAL Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE, and L-3 WESCAM, to provide the fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft for Canada. Together with PAL Aerospace, Airbus established a joint-venture called AirPro, to provide in-service support throughout the life of the C295 fleet.

In the commercial, civil and defence space sectors, Airbus’ capabilities include satellites, payloads and instruments, and ground segment systems.The company also specializes in satellite systems and end-to-end solutions for Earth observation (radar and optical) and surveillance, navigation, meteorology, and science.

Airbus provides cutting-edge Communications, Intelligence & Security (CIS) technologies for defence, security, and public safety applications, as well as the commercial sector. Its offerings include optical and radar satellite imagery, secure communications services and solutions as well as C4ISR systems and related solutions. Airbus also provides CyberSecurity consulting, monitoring and managed services, digital communications security and encryption technology, and the Stormshield family of products for network and data security.