Labour Market

Since 1962, AIAC has helped government develop policies that lead to the best possible outcomes for the Canadian aerospace industry. Today, successful outcomes rely on agile, highly skilled and motivated teams working in lean organizations. Businesses are expected to deliver quality products on time every time, according to the most demanding specifications in engineering, as part of a supply chain composed of hundreds and hundreds of links. The specialized knowledge required from its people to meet these expectations sets aerospace apart from all other sectors.

In response to the Emerson Aerospace Review recommendations, AIAC is committed to putting the right people with the right skills into Canadian aerospace workforce. AIAC is expanding its role to ensure that Canadian federal policy concerning labour will equip Canadian aerospace with the highly skilled workforce it needs.

AIAC’s labour market committee develops industry perspective and direction on policy and programs specifically addressing the aerospace workforce. Through the committee, AIAC’s members develop industry positions on forward looking labour market agreements, regulatory and trade agreements, industrial standards, and enterprise sustainment and employment policies.

The Canadian aerospace industry is uniquely positioned to take the lead in establishing global norms applying to safety, quality, integrated manufacturing, material tolerances, professional behavior, international aeronautical law, and regulatory principles and strategies. By bringing a skilled and motivated workforce into the integrated aerospace supply chains, Canada’s aerospace industry will be able to advance its position in the global market.

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