Aerospace & the Innovation Agenda

On September 30, AIAC submitted the Aerospace Innovation White Paper for consideration as part of the government’s Innovation Agenda consultations.

Entitled A New Innovation Policy for a Sustainable Aerospace Industry, the paper is the result of the work conducted by the AIAC Technology and Innovation Committee over the summer. Its goal is to provide a vision, metrics and means to achieve greater outcomes for the aerospace industry which would support broader objectives of the Federal government innovation agenda.

The document was supported by extensive consultation with government officials and industry stakeholders. It exemplifies the key role of talent, emerging technologies and business growth in the implementation of an innovation agenda.


Sneak Peek: The Canadian aerospace industry in 2025

The AIAC is proposing a long-term vision for sustainable aerospace – that is, an industry which promotes clean and inclusive growth. In 2025, the Canadian aerospace sector will be:

  • a world leader in green aviation;
  • growing by keeping its market share and still ranked 5th in the world;
  • an innovation and export manufacturing champion, contributing even more than its relative size to inclusive Canadian growth;
  • competing in a digital world and creating value from disruptive digital learning and training technologies which are transforming industries and in particular aerospace;
  • growing through a workforce that is:
    • increasingly diverse;
    • highly skilled and trained; and
    • abundant;
  • animated by strong clusters, networks and collaboration;
  • supported by world-class research, testing and certification infrastructure;
  • contributing to responding to key national and global challenges;
  • a government partner in developing and promoting science, innovation and economic development best practices; and
  • a driving force in the development of a high tech and clean tech economy.

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