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Eric Edwards

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Xiphos provides unique processing solutions, typically integrated into avionics packages for space and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) markets.


Proven. Three generations of Xiphos products have been flying in space for almost 10 years.

Performance. Xiphos processors have been benchmarked favourably against GHz-class commercial processors; they do that by “hybridizing” software and logic implementations of our customers’ computing-intensive algorithms, such as those needed for complex image or signal processing.

Optimized. Xiphos products are optimized for size, weight, and power. Our signature product, the Q-Card series of single board computers, are designed to be the size of a business card, weigh less than 20g, and consume less than 2W of power.

Value. Xiphos uses industrial-grade components in a fault-tolerant architecture intended for use in harsh environments, such as those susceptible to pressure, vibration, radiation or temperature extremes – the result is robust performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional space-grade solutions.

Xiphos’ customers, both past and present, include most major defence firms, most major space agencies, most major satellite telecommunications companies, and a variety of national governments in the industrialized and third world.

Our experience in space markets ranges from camera systems on a space station, to state-of-the-art payload processing of government surveillance data, to control of autonomous drilling and mineral sampling equipment.