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For over 40 years, Nortec Humidity Condiar Group has been the leading commercial manufacturer of humidification and evaporative cooling. Proper humidity and evaporative cooling are integral to producing high-quality, reliable parts, components and finished products, while increasing bottom line profitability in the aerospace industry. Ensuring optimal humidity levels (40-60% RH) can improve the curing process of coatings, sealants, adhesives and composites; decrease paint booth times and waste; minimize corrosion, maintenance; reduce electronic component failures; increase safety and aircraft flying time; and, boost energy efficiency, savings, production rates and bottom line ROI.

Insufficient and excessive humidity levels can be problematic causing damage and defects to electronic components and may attribute to insufficient curing environments for composites, sealants, coatings and welding. When painting aircrafts, the process requires reduced static and tight environmental conditions to create an even coat. Without proper humidity, paint can evaporate, dry prematurely or unevenly, and can cause color discrepancies. All of these issues can lead to increased labor and material costs and can cause delays to the delivery of the final product.

Proper humidity levels can reduce electrostatic discharge which causes expensive electronic failure to avionics and can pose safety concerns for facility operations. Proper humidity levels also contribute to the effectiveness of wave soldering and surface-mount technology processes. Without sufficient humidity, solder paste can dry out and components within electronics can become brittle, causing broken components or damage that could lead to malfunction or failure to perform in the field.

Nortec humidification and evaporative cooling technology provides the humidification needed for aerospace operations while providing free evaporative cooling. This cooling reduces loads on commercial HVAC systems which in turn lowers energy usage and ultimately monthly utility costs.

Aerospace industry parts, storage, and machining need special humidification for consistent quality and productivity to reduce corrosion, and maintenance. Ensuring proper humidification results in less downtime and increased aircraft flying time, the need for fewer spare parts, improved on time delivery, and safer aircrafts.

Nortec offers a complete line of humidification products; adiabatic cooling solutions to improve upon energy efficiencies for many applications; and, water treatment products and hygienic solutions.