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The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada’s premier research and technology organization. We support the aerospace industry with facilities, expertise and industry foresight to advance research and technology developments in the core areas of aerodynamics, flight research, gas turbines, structures and materials, and manufacturing. Our national facilities provide platforms to test, de-risk, validate and demonstrate new technologies, while our industry connections help companies remain competitive in the global market.

NRC has the unique competitive advantage of being a multidisciplinary organization that can link aerospace activities to other key sectors including energy, security, construction and surface transportation. NRC can facilitate and exploit an efficient exchange of ideas between disciplines, which allows for rapid technological advancements in new and exciting sectors. This collaboration is particularly evident in our research and technology development programs that focus on aerospace defence, aeronautical product development, future aircraft design and manufacturing, human factors on aircraft, icing, and unmanned aerial systems.

NRC’s industry-leading facilities include six wind tunnels, full-scale structural test rigs, robotics and manufacturing research facilities, materials characterization and testing equipment, engine and combustion test cells, and nine research aircraft, both rotary- and fixed-wing. Several well-equipped shops are also maintained for the manufacture and instrumentation of wind tunnel models, material test assemblies, engine test rigs, etc. High intensity acoustic test chambers are available for noise qualification of aerospace vehicles and equipment.

Our world-class research infrastructure and expertise, combined with customizable service options and high ethical standards, make us the ideal partner to support your vision with innovative services and solutions. NRC actively seeks clients, collaborators, and licensees for its services and expertise.