Howard Loewen
Tel: (204) 818-0598 cell 204-818-0584

Pierre Pepin
VP Sales and Marketing
Tel: (204) 818-0612 ext. 102
Fax: (204) 818-0594

P.O. Box 720
72067 Road 8E, Sturgeon Road,
Stony Mountain, MB, R0C 3A0

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Since 1994, MicroPilot with almost 1,500 clients in 85 countries, has grown to become the world leader in professional UAV autopilots. MicroPilot sells UAV autopilots, accessories and services to a wide range of academic and research institutes as well as UAV manufacturers. MicroPilot is located near the Town of Stony Mountain, 9km north of the city of Winnipeg, Canada. Situated on 40 acres, MicroPilot’s facilities provide it with the ability to flight test just outside our office.

40 employees

Products & Services: Autopilots; Computer Equipment/Software/ Systems; Electronic Controls; Software Design & Development; Systems Integration