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Vice President
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Aircraft manufacturers know the process. Luckily, so does The Ian Martin Group.

We’re blurring the lines between vendor and partner relationships with our integrated staffing solution delivery. Our client businesses receive the full-service support necessary to build high-performing teams. At Ian Martin, enthusiastic representatives embrace new opportunities with the vigour and determination that deliver results on target, on budget, and beyond expectations.


Search and permanent placement, long-term, peak load and temporary staffing, replacement and project contracting, outsourced and managed solutions and payroll management.

Our team understands the complexity in designing and manufacturing aircraft and the unique talent combinations required to meet production expectations. This solid understanding allows us to quickly synchronize our efforts with your business objectives. Resourceful companies in the aerospace industry have relied on Ian Martin for over 50 years to staff their businesses throughout the ebbs and flows of production.

The Ian Martin community is comprised of professionals who love their work – our internal teams work closely with hiring managers and candidates to assess technical skills, cultural fit and aspiration alignment. In addition to local candidate relationships that span generations, our team effectively sources highly-skilled candidates globally with the expertise required to negotiate international talent transfer and on-boarding.

Partnering with Ian Martin gives your workforce exceptional flexibility that allows teams to focus on activities that lead to increased earnings, growth and advancements in innovation.

Ian Martin contract engineering personnel have contributed to the development and manufacturing of landing gear, flight controls, documentation and RMS as well as aircraft programs such as:

  • Boeing 787,777,767 Electronics, avionics, mechanical and interiors
  • Airbus A320, A319, A329, A330 main fuselage, electronics, avionics, interiors and data migration
  • Bombardier, C-Series, Global family, CRJ series, Challenger, Lear Jet: training, instructing, advanced design, experimental design and upgrading
  • CL215, CL415 advanced avionics package
  • Bell 429 and derivatives Dash series
  • Dash series
  • Air craft simulators


  • Certification Specialists
  • Stress Engineers
  • Technical Publications
  • Courseware Developers
  • Structures Design Engineers
  • Mechanical Systems Designers
  • Avionics Specialists
  • Flight Controls Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Interior Designers
  • Instructional Design

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