CCX Technologies

Ashley Stefureak
Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 905-978-1113

1565 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8R1

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CCX Technologies manufactures a wide range of products for aerospace OEMs, aircraft maintainers, and military contractors. Our team addresses the critical need for onboard cybersecurity systems and innovative avionics test solutions.

CCX Technologies monitors and protects all networks through platform embedded cybersecurity. With end to end intrusion detection, we can help securely transmit critical data around the globe. We safeguard networks in the air, sea, on land and in space. We meet the demands of zero trust.

CCX Technologies finds solutions for an evolving technological landscape.

30 employees

Other Locations: New Jersey, USA

Products & Services: Antennas; Avionics Testing & Repair; Business Aircraft; Communications Systems, Radios & Equipment; Commuters & Regional Aircraft; Computer Systems; Engineering; Helicopters; Inspection Services; Navigation Systems & Equipment; Software Design & Development; Special Purpose Aircraft