Mannarino training event: Software Aspects of Certification and DO-178B/C

Event Date: May 13-15, 2019

Location: Montreal, QC

This seminar provides a thorough review of RTCA/DO-178B and the recently released RTCA/DO178C including the Model Based Development & Verification, Tool Qualification, Object-Oriented
Technology and Formal Methods supplements. Created for both system and software engineers, this seminar focuses on the certification and system aspects of developing airborne software as well as the detailed guidelines applicable to software engineers. Practical workshops ranging from requirements management to robustness testing have been incorporated to enforce the participant’s understanding of important DO-178B/C objectives and activities.


  • Certification aspect of software life cycle
  • Systems engineering interfaces to software life cycle
  • Selected DO-178B/C topics enhancing systems/software engineering awareness
  • RTCA/DO-178C Supplements (Optional – 1 day)


  • Systems Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Electronic Hardware Engineers
  • Any professional interested in learning about DO-178B/C Guidelines.
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