Join Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, and our companies and workers in aviation, defence, and space, in every region of the country and take up the #AerospaceChallenge2050.


Together, let’s restore Canada’s leadership in aerospace for the next 30 years, and grow jobs and innovation here at home.

Show your support for a national aerospace strategy and be a part of protecting and championing Canada’s aerospace legacy for future generations by taking the Aerospace Challenge 2050 pledge:


“I support a Canadian Aerospace Strategy to protect the 235,000 direct and indirect aerospace jobs across Canada, and grow Canada’s aerospace leadership across aviation, space, and defence sectors.”

Canada needs a long-term national aerospace strategy.

Without a strategy, it will be increasingly difficult for Canada to compete with countries who do have a strategy and are positioning their industries for the future. Aerospace requires a strong partnership between government and industry – it’s how Canada became the fifth leading aerospace country in the world.

But times are changing. Post-pandemic competition will be fierce as the industry transitions to a sustainable future, and Canada must have a clear vision of where and how it will compete to win, so that the entire value chain can contribute and succeed.

We know what needs to be done. We need all parties to support a clear vision, industry-government partnership, and a 30-year Canadian Aerospace Strategy.


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Canadian Aerospace Strategy overview


A strategy is required to implement Budget 2021 funding, continue to work with industry on a travel restart plan outlining the safe resumption of domestic and international travel, invest to maintain Transport Canada’s internationally recognized status for aircraft certification and regulation.



Maximize defence procurement and government partnerships to drive new industrial growth in order to build Canadian capability and capacity for the future.



Maximize Canada’s Leadership at the forefront of space with a fully costed and implementable plan that targets Canadian innovations to assist in climate observation and mitigation while growing our domestic industry.



Develop a Sustainability Technology Roadmap to map out Canada’s role in the global transformation of aerospace to a green future across aviation, defence and space.



Use innovation to capture new opportunities, including carbon-neutral flight, unmanned aerial firefighting, multi-mission aircraft, and space-based Earth observation.


Business Growth

Ensure small and medium sized aerospace businesses thrive and grow and are able to access and strategically leverage dedicated funding, including Budget 2021 funds in the short-term.


World’s most-skilled workforce

Capitalizing and building talent will unlock tomorrow’s potential. The ongoing success of Canada’s aerospace industry rests on the strength of its highly educate highly trained workforce. Increase our support for the world’s most skilled workforce in order to retain our competitive advantage.