Policy Progress

As the leading association representing Canada’s aerospace industry, we’ve been working with, and on behalf of, a sector that is playing a crucial role in the midst of this crisis; and will continue to do so as the world moves to a post-COVID-19 recovery.

Understandably, in the immediate term, the health and well-being of Canadians must be top priority. And we appreciate that Governments, at all levels, are currently focussed on shorter-term economic relief measures. However, in anticipation of longer-term financial recovery measures that will be required moving forward, AIAC has struck a COVID-19 sub-committee to interface with and advise government in the formulation of policies and fiscal measures to facilitate the recovery and growth of Canada’s economy, from our industry perspective.

Working with our industry partners and government, aerospace will be positioned to play a vital part in the rebuilding of Canada’s economy, ensuring jobs and economic prosperity for all Canadians.



AIAC’s letter to the Prime Minsiter & Minister Bains, calling for a sectoral strategy for the aerospace industry.

AIAC letter - March 23

Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premiers calling for cross-jurisdictional consistency on essential services designations

AIAC letter - March 27

Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premiers calling for cross-jurisdictional consistency on essential services designations

AIAC letter - April 9

Letter to Mexican Ambassador on need for cross-jurisdictional consistency on essential services designations

April 17 Letter from AIA, FEMIA, and AIAC

Joint letter from AIAC, Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA), and the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA) to respective government officials on need for cross-jurisdictional consistency.

AIAC COVID-19 Testimony at Parliamentary Finance Committee

Testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance on May 19 for their study of COVID-19.

Advocacy Achievements

COVID-19 Aerospace Industry Priorities Outcomes to Date:

Essential Services Designation

  • Both Transport Canada and the Federal Government through Public Safety issued directives for the inclusion of Canada’s aerospace MRO workers, parts manufacturers, distributors and suppliers as essential workers.

Offer Flexibility on Remittance Payments

  • Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains approved a 9-month deferral for payments under:
    • Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI),
    • Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC),
    • Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF),
    • Program for Strategic Industrial Projects (PSIP).

Industry-related Financial Relief

  • 75% Wage Subsidy
  • Temporary 10% Wage Subsidy
  • Deferred CRA Tax Payments
  • Access to emergency credit & interest-free loans
  • Funding through Western Economic Diversification
  • ISED innovation funding streams

Export Controls

  • The Canadian government will be reviewing export permit applications on a case-by-case basis, ending a ban on new permits for shipments of controlled goods to Saudi Arabia imposed in the fall of 2018.

Maintaining operations

  • Opportunities to retool through partnerships with government for the purposes of producing personal protective equipment and other medical and emergency supplies.

Receiving Information on Supports & Resources

  • Daily ‘News You Can Use’ Newsletters
  • Members only briefings with Government Ministers, global aerospace experts, & financial experts.
  • A specialized COVID-19 Resource Website
  • AIAC liaising with government on a daily basis bringing forward your concerns and issues.