Telfer School of Management: New event and program changes

April 4, 2018

The Telfer School of Management invites you to the
2nd Annual Advances in Complex Project Leadership Seminar
“Setting conditions for project success in a complex environment”
May 8, 2018

Telfer School of Management Advances in Complex Project Leadership seminar

The seminar will feature examinations of complex Information Management, Infrastructure, and equipment capitalization projects as well as the UK experience in major project delivery.

Speakers include the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance, who will open the symposium with remarks on the importance of leadership in complex environments. The Comptroller General for Canada, M. Roch Huppé, will provide his perspective on the Treasury Board Secretariat’s role and views on complex project leadership.



Telfer also announces the following MBCPL program changes and updates: 

  • We are shortening and compressing our part time Executive Master of Business in Complex Program Leadership program from 3 years, down to 2 years. (More distance learning advantages with 16 in-class days per year)
  • The price of our Executive Master’s will decrease from $70,000 to $65,000.
  • A number of our CPPL certificate courses will now be accredited and can count toward credits for the CPL Master’s degree.
  • New Program Tuition Funding Sources (Up to $80,000 with Veteran’s Affairs Canada for veterans with 12 years’ service, $40,000 for those with 6 years’ service.)

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