CCAA Occupational Standards Update Survey 2019: Participation Request

November 20, 2019

The following text has been provided by CCAA.

The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace, CCAA, has proudly dedicated itself to developing and administering a wide range of products and services which are used extensively by the aviation and aerospace industries, including 29 occupational standards with corresponding certification.

Based on the standards, CCAA created certification and accreditation programs, industry-specific curricula, online and in-house training programs and carefully targeted outreach programs. The council has been responsible for developing and disseminating some of the earliest and most complete national Occupational Standards for aviation & aerospace. CCAA, funded by the Government of Canada, must update, digitalize and redeploy the Occupational Standards and certification system that CCAA created for the aviation and aerospace industry. Completing more than 50 successful Employment, Social Development Canada (ESDC) projects, CCAA has established a reputation for developing industry-validated national Occupational Standards.

CCAA is now surveying members of the aviation and aerospace industry to verify the relevance and currency of existing CCAA Occupational Standards and to identify new occupations for which occupational standards should be developed. CCAA seeks expert opinion on which standards to remove altogether, and those which could be combined.

We would like to enlist your participation to contribute information that will support projects that will maintain and grow the high-skills aviation and aerospace workforce in Canada.

Completing the survey takes an average of 5 minutes and your contribution will help us obtain a representative sampling of industry’s occupational requirements to support strategic growth. We hope to close the survey by November 27, 2019 and complete the analysis in December 2019. Click here to go to the survey.

Individual survey responses will remain confidential. As incentive, CCAA be drawing $10 Tim Horton gift cards for survey respondents. The odds of winning are 1 in 5.

CCAA is working with Marlene Conway Diels of Envision Technologies to support the survey. She may be reached by telephone at 1 905 536 1371 or by e-mail at  for any assistance and/or follow up. You may also contact Theresa Davis-Woodhouse at 613-727-8272, ext. 247 or by email.

CCAA would be pleased to share aggregated results upon request.

Your support is greatly appreciated and will ensure the relevance of occupational standards developed for the industry. Thank you for your consideration and continued support.