AIAC Technology & Innovation update

January 11, 2018

In 2017, the Technology and Innovation Committee of the AIAC (TICA) was very active. TICA is composed of two dozens AIAC members and strategic partners. Among other things, TICA members worked on three key technology drivers with immediate impact on the aerospace industry with a view to better grasp their implications on the sector and to better inform the government on their innovation policy and programs. These drivers were; 1) digital technologies; 2) process innovation; and 3) unmanned aerial systems; led respectively by Houssam Alaouie from CAE, Scott McGrady from Magellan and Phil Cole from Marinvent.


With a view to sharing the highlights on what we learned, three webinars were organized in the Fall of 2017. Beyond TICA membership, 48 additional members of the AIAC participated, leading to further discussion and sharing of insights on what matters for aerospace.


2018 should be an interesting year for TICA. Investment and green practices will part of the themes that will be discussed. The continued rolling out of the Innovation Agenda, including the Supercluster initiative, Innovation Solutions Canada, Impact Canada Fund and the Strategic Innovation Fund will allow calls for further examination of what it means for the aerospace sector.


For more information or to learn more about AIAC’s work on the Technology & Innovation file, please contact Guillaume Côté, VP of Technology and Innovation.