AIAC ‘Guide to Canada’s Aerospace Industry’ – Profile Updates Due & Advertising Opportunities Available Now!

February 6, 2018

Production on the 2018-19 AIAC ‘Guide to Canada’s Aerospace Industry’ has begun.  AIAC Members have already received notification with instructions on how to review and update member profiles for the Guide which will in turn be used for the Member listing on the website.  If you are not already a member of AIAC, and wish to join to receive a complimentary full-page company profile, please contact Lynne Adamson, Director, Member Services, at (613) 760-4556 or by email All member profiles come with unlimited Products & Services which are also searchable on AIAC’s website.

Distributed and displayed at major national and international trade shows, the Guide is the definitive resource for anyone seeking to do business with Canadian aerospace companies. In addition to the print version, we will again be publishing a digital edition of the Guide via an innovative rich media platform, optimized for viewing through web, tablet, mobile and social channels. By leveraging these digital tools, the Guide will offer convenience and accessibility to its readers, and new leads and business opportunities to the companies and advertisers it profiles.

This year’s digital edition comes with advertising opportunities which include digital edition Sponsor, Skyscraper and Toolbar positions.  Don’t miss out on these marketing opportunities!  Please check our website for the new Media Kit