AIAC Committee Update – August 2018

August 1, 2018

AIAC’s committees are central to the AIAC’s policy and advocacy functions. Members of these committees provide industry insights and guidance with respect to issues related to specific industry segments or topics of concern or interest.

Members wishing to join a committee can contact Marie-Soleil Jones. If you are a non-member and interested in joining a committee, please contact Bill Yetman at

Technology and Innovation Committee

The Technology and Innovation Committee of the AIAC (TICA) meets four times a year. TICA’s objective is to both inform the Federal Government policy development, and to provide insights as well as up-to-date information with respect to the Innovation and Skills programming. Over the next few months, TICA will particularly focus on providing recommendations to support efficient implementation of new programs aiming at supporting innovation. As well, it will provide key recommendations to support the on-going alignment of actions pertaining to aerospace within the Innovation, Science and Economic Development portfolio. A specific focus on skills, networks and consortia as well as identifying longer-term objectives and industry needs are to be expected

The next meeting of the Technology and Innovation Committee is on August 2nd in Montreal and will be followed by a networking lunch. Please contact Marie-Soleil at to receive further information.


Market Access Committee

The Market Access Committee was created to help AIAC member companies address export control regulations and sanctions issues. Committee members include large, medium and small companies engaged in the export of civil and military products/services. In addition to member company representatives, government officials are frequently invited. Recent agenda topics have included proposed Bill C-47 and Canada’s sanctions against Russia.

The next meeting of the Market Access Committee is on September 11th  at AIAC’s offices.


Civil Aviation Committee

The Civil Aviation Committee addresses a broad range of regulatory matters that impact directly or indirectly civil aviation manufacturing and maintenance activities. Participants include large OEM’s and small/medium sized companies. Committee meetings occur approximately 4 times per year; attendees include AIAC member companies and Transport Canada officials (for the joint industry-authority session). The role of the Committee is to develop positions with respect to civil aviation regulatory matters and to assist Transport Canada in understanding and acting upon industry’s priorities.

The next meeting of the Civil Aviation Committee is on September 13th at AIAC’s offices.


Public Procurement and Defence Committee

AIAC’s Public Procurement and Defence Committee is presently engaged in its restart! The Committee aims to focus on improving the way government does business, particularly for large complex procurements.  In particular we will focus on how government engages with industry during the early phases of procurement. We will also examine contractual and operational matters as well as issues of how the government handles end of life, program termination and asset disposal. The AIAC’s Public Procurement and Defense Committee is now ready to take in new members! We would like to welcome Kevin Lemke of Cascade Aerospace to the role of Chair of the committee.  Our first meeting will take place in September.  Details will follow soon.  For more information, or if you interested in taking part of this great opportunity, please contact Marie-Soleil Jones at

The next meeting of the Public Procurement and Defence Committee will be scheduled in September 2018.


Small Business Committee

The Small Business Committee approved its new mandate as well as it’s programming guide and has agreed to organize Canada-wide committee meetings. The committee will conduct several OEM site visits, followed by extended meetings with high level executives. Site visits in Calgary (Fall 2018) and Montreal (Spring 2019) are currently being organized. Several potential speakers and experts are currently being solicited in order to bring valuable insights and specialised knowledge to the members of the Small Business Committee. The committee is taking a short break during the summer and will return during the fall of 2018. Please note that the Chair of the Small Business Committee is attending ADSE and is a speaker for the Small Business Panel taking place on Friday, August 10th at 09:00 (PDT).  If interested in attending, please visit for registration details.

The next meeting of the Small Business Committee is on September 26th at AIAC’s offices.


Space Committee

The AIAC Space Committee is currently engaged in strategic outreach and in-reach programs. The goal of this venture is to allow the Canadian Government and its constituency to understand the importance of space related research and development. It is our firm belief that Canada must remain a global champion in the space industry. Certain Committee members are participating in the Bring Your MP to Work Day event. If you would like to receive further information concerning this outreach program, please contact Darya Dolzikova at Past Committee meetings have included Deputy Minister Chief of Staff Gianluca Cairo (ISED), Director General Mary Gregory (ISED) and Deputy Minister John Knubley (ISED).

The next meeting of the AIAC Space Committee will be scheduled during the month of September.