AIAC Committee Update – April 2019

April 12, 2019

AIAC’s committees are central to the AIAC’s policy and advocacy functions. Members of these committees provide industry insights and guidance with respect to issues related to specific industry segments or topics of concern or interest.

Members wishing to join a committee can contact Marie-Soleil Jones. If you are a non-member and interested in joining a committee, please contact Bill Yetman.

Small Business Committee

The Small Business committee conducted a plant tour and industry meeting at Bell Helicopter Textron Canada. The first in a series of events, committee members were introduced to the future of Bell, key executive staff as well as possible collaborative projects. This event was followed by a networking lunch, during which committee members had the opportunity to further discuss future projects.


Public Procurement and Defence Committee

The Public Procurement and Defence committee conducted its initial meeting with the newly appointed Chair, Kevin Lemke, President and CEO of Cascade Aerospace. The meeting centered around the approval of the committee’s mandate, key stakeholders and current industry issues. The committee also outlined it’s 2019 schedule.


Space Committee

The committee reviewed the newly revealed Canadian Space Strategy. In particular, committee members analyzed the plan and its lack of specified funding. Committee members also discussed projects such as ESCP, LEAP and the regulatory reforms outlined within the Canadian Space Strategy.