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For more information, please contact Bill Yetman, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Interim Member Services via email or at 647 983-9683.

AIAC is the voice of the aerospace industry in Canada. Powered by our members, we work with our partners in government at all levels and other stakeholders on the development of public policy and program development which ensures the aerospace and space industries in Canada continue to be strong, innovative and a significant presence in all parts of the country and indeed around the world.

“For a small company such as Marinvent, our AIAC dues form a significant part of our business development budget, but I cannot imagine money better spent towards ensuring the success and growth of my company. I would therefore unhesitatingly recommend AIAC membership to my Small Business colleagues.”

John Maris, President, Marinvent Corporation

“We continue to grow our aerospace business, and our membership in AIAC has been a big part of that success. Through AIAC I have met some of our major customers’ senior executives and have developed personal relationships with many of them. Because of AIAC I know and understand my customers better, and they know me and my business better as well. Every year we look at our AIAC membership and ask ourselves if it is worth it. And every year we say: ‘Yes, definitely.’”

Keith Donaldson, Director, Sales & Business Development, Apex Industries Inc.


AIAC helps our members grow and develop their business, and sell more products and services by:

  • Advancing the industry’s agenda and voice across the country
  • Providing a forum to build and strengthen business relationships with industry leaders
  • Working together through AIAC’s Committees and Board of Directors to help shape regulation and legislative policies
  • Partnering with organizations to provide aerospace statistics, data and sector information


  • Network with industry leaders at AIAC’s premiere national and international events
    (includes our popular “Canadian Aerospace Summit” and “Day on the Hill” and our Western Canada, AIAC Pacific event – ADSE)
  • Stay Connected and Informed
  • Access to Member-only Webinars, News bulletins and email communication on new government programs, state of the industry reports and industry hot topics. Stay tuned for our new industry newsletter, launching soon!
  • Introduce Your Company to the World
  • Personalized service and briefings by AIAC’s professional staff
  • Member discounts with organizations such as CCAA who offer training and skills development opportunities

Participate in the development of partnerships and coalitions with government and other stakeholders with the goal of identifying solutions, achieving change, and maximizing efficient use of resources.

For more information, contact Lynne Adamson, Director, Operations & Member Services via email or at (613) 760-4556.

Membership fees are based on a company’s Canadian ‘Aerospace and Defence’ related revenue and range from approximately $1275 per year and upwards.