ANNOUNCEMENT: Ya’ara Saks Newest Member of Parliamentary Aerospace Caucus

August 17, 2021

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As Canada’s leading national aerospace association, we take pride in the relationships we’ve built – spanning all political parties – to ensure the voices of our members are heard on Parliament Hill.
With political candidates on the campaign trail, we’d like to take a moment to recognize and thank our Parliamentary Aerospace Caucus for the tremendous collaboration they have shown us over the past 17 months. Through their work in the House of Commons, in committees, and in their ridings, they have been unfailing advocates for Canada’s aerospace industry and the 235,000 jobs it supports from coast to coast to coast.
We’d like to officially welcome Ya’ara Saks, Member of Parliament for York Centre, as the newest member of the Parliamentary Aerospace Caucus! Ya’ara, thank you for joining our tremendous team and we look forward to many exciting initiatives with all of you throughout the next few weeks.