AIAC Welcomes IAMAW’s Support For National Strategy For Aerospace

June 5, 2020

OTTAWA (ONTARIO), June 5, 2020 – The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) today issued the following statement welcoming IAMAW’s support for a national sector strategy for aerospace:

“Just a few days ago, we called for a national sectoral strategy for aerospace in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Navdeep Bains, Innovation, Science and Industry Minister.  It is imperative that Canada step up, as our competitors have, and make aerospace a key part of our nation’s economic recovery plans.

“Today’s support from IAMAW Canadian General Vice-President Stan Pickthall provides yet another clear indication of the urgent need to ensure our industry – one that contributes over  $31 billion in revenues, over $25 billion to GDP and nearly 215,000 jobs on an annual basis – is recognized for being the strategic sector it is.

“Without immediate action from our political leadership – not only will our current position be in jeopardy, Canada’s aerospace sector will also lose out on global market opportunities that will emerge when the industry recovers,” said Mike Mueller, Senior Vice President, AIAC.

AIAC recommends the following actions the Government of Canada can take immediately to help ensure best possible outcomes and long-term stability for Canada’s aerospace sector including implementing Vision 2025:

  1. Develop a pragmatic and proportional plan to allow people to begin flying again.
  2. Adapt Canada’s job retention program and liquidity measures to support employees in industries that will take longer to recover.
  3. Rapidly expand government support for green technologies to enable the decarbonization of key sectors, particularly transportation and aviation.
  4. Establish a new long-term investment bank to support and foster essential manufacturing supply chains through the market transformation ahead.
  5. Advance public procurement projects, particularly in defence and space projects, to help stimulate and sustain high-tech supply chains through the difficult months ahead.
  6. Establish a Canadian sector strategy for aerospace that includes civil, defence and space.

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About AIAC:

AIAC is the national association representing Canada’s aerospace manufacturing and services sector.  As the world’s fifth-largest aerospace industry, Canada’s aerospace sector contributes nearly $25B to the economy in GDP, exports 75% of its output, and dedicates over 20% of its activity to research and development (R&D). Aerospace is responsible for the employment of 215,000 Canadians.

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