AIAC Pacific Welcomes BC Technology Strategy

January 18, 2016

Vancouver (British Columbia), January 18, 2016 – AIAC Pacific congratulated the BC Government on the release of its plan to ensure that technology development remains a vibrant and sustainable economic driver for the province in the years ahead. The BC Technology Strategy, which was released by Premier Christy Clark at the BC Tech Summit today in Vancouver, contains a series of initiatives focused on supporting technology learning, investment, and research and development, including in the aerospace industry.

“As one of the most advanced manufacturing industries in the world, our ability to develop cutting-edge innovation and technology is essential to the success of the aerospace industry,” said Jim Quick, President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC). “We are very pleased to see the government’s commitment to supporting technology development and commercialization in British Columbia, and we are confident that this will positively impact the growth of the aerospace industry in the province.”

As part of its partnership with the BC government to support the development of a unified aerospace cluster in the province, one of AIAC Pacific’s main priorities is the development of several R&D Centres of Excellence within the province. The association also acts as the regional office for the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC), a national collaborative research network.

For more information on the BC Technology Strategy, click here.

About AIAC:

AIAC is the national association representing Canada’s aerospace manufacturing and services sector.  As the world’s fifth-largest aerospace industry, Canada’s aerospace sector contributes over $29B to the economy in GDP, exports 80% of its output, and dedicates over 20% of its activity to research and development (R&D). Aerospace is responsible for the employment of 180,000 Canadians.

About AIAC Pacific:

The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada created AIAC Pacific with a mandate to promote and develop aerospace business in BC by acting as an advocate and facilitator among industry and government. AIAC Pacific speaks with a cohesive voice for the industry; it provides access for BC companies to national and international programs; and, it aims to develop a strong relationship with the provincial government. AIAC Pacific has a unique relationship with AIAC in that it is the only provincial entity managed by the national association.

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