Rhea System S.A. (Canada)

Cedric Seynat
Manager, Aerospace Engineering
Tel: (514) 878-4388

6700 Cote-de-Liesse, Suite 105
Montréal, QC, H4T 2B5

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The RHEA Group provides engineering expertise and solutions to the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors, offering innovative engineering and software solutions to leading organisations. RHEA is rapidly growing and operates in Europe and Canada.

Security engineering: RHEA provides security services in the cyber-security, physical security, and information security domains, and covering 
security engineering and management consultancy, to institutional and commercial clients.

Aviation consulting: RHEA provides professional services to all sectors of the aviation industry, including consultancy in aircraft de-icing technologies.

Space systems engineering and space applications: RHEA has supported over 100 space missions for space agencies, satellite operators, satellite manufacturers and other space suppliers. RHEA offers solutions for all phases of the space mission lifecycle.

Concurrent engineering:
RHEA is a leading expert in the application of the Concurrent Design and Engineering approach to support the design of complex systems and programs.
Cloud Computing: RHEA offers a range of consultancy services in cloud and digital transformation, as well as vendor-independent, cloud migration strategy, targeted to institutional and commercial clients.

Concurrent Design Platform (CDP™): The engineering tool supporting multidisciplinary teams to perform Concurrent Design of complex systems:
• Internet-enabled collaboration for geographically distributed teams
• Fully scalable and customisable
• A tool for decision making and risk management processes

Manufacturing and Operations Information System (MOIS): The industry leading tool for spacecraft and ground segment testing, operations preparation and automation. MOIS has supported more than 100 spacecraft, covering all types of missions. MOIS interfaces with many mission control systems.

SlipStream®: Our innovative ‘1-click’ multi-cloud application deployment platform. SlipStream® is a cloud-agnostic provisioning platform that gives freedom of choice, avoiding lock-in with a cloud service provider. Build for enterprise, it is successfully used by commercial and institutional customers to interface easily with multiple cloud computing services.

NuvlaBox®: Our ready-to-use private cloud-in-a-box appliance. NuvlaBox® allows the deployment of applications in situations of limited network connectivity, and can operate in harsh environments. This hyperconverged and fanless appliance is ideal for field operations and sensor aggregation, due to its small size and support of data privacy and security applications.

Holdover times mobile applications: Compliant with applicable holdover time standards used in flight operations worldwide, our mobile applications allow pilots to manage their aircraft de-icing operations.