New Brunswick Aerospace and Defence Association

Peter Hess
Managing Director
Tel: 506-878-3348

Keith Donaldson
Tel: (506) 878-3348

1630 Route 940
Centre Village, NB, E4L 1Y6

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We are a diverse industrial cluster supplying leading-edge technology and components to the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

We are a strong voice for New Brunswick-based companies.

We are the central point of contact for the growth and development of the aerospace, defence and security industries.

We offer an experienced, educated, bilingual and highly-skilled workforce in a pro-business environment.

Together, we deliver unique and innovative products and services to the world.

We are the New Brunswick Aerospace and Defence Association.

Future Ready. World Prepared.

Our solid reputation is built on the wide range of experience and capabilities of our members. Equipped with competitive technology, they are experts in their fields, specializing in a diversity of areas. From navigational aids and weather systems to modern armour production and major commercial aerospace projects, NBADA members are committed to cost-effective management and business practices. In addition, they always work with ambition, enthusiasm and energy.

Our success in the aerospace, defence and security sectors is partly due to our strategic location. New Brunswick businesses have several advantages. We are within deal-making distance of two of the world’s great trading rings: the European Union and North America. The province features transborder air access and its five ports allow for inexpensive shipping to all corners of the world. Furthermore, New Brunswick has transcontinental railway network connections linking businesses to the Atlantic and Pacific U.S. seaboards, Central Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. New Brunswick’s major highways are fully integrated with U.S. and eastern and central Canadian networks. Interstate 95 continues in New Brunswick connecting to the Trans-Canada Highway.

Besides the benefits of location, New Brunswick offers plenty of financial advantages. A competitive tax regime with high credit ratings contributes to a stable and healthy business environment. Meanwhile, housing,energy, payroll, capital investments and basic living costs are below average,making New Brunswick a financially desirable place to live and invest. The province’s high concentration of academic institutions – 17 universities and community colleges and 100 private training facilities – has increased the pool of educated workers, making them a valuable part of a burgeoning aerospace,defence and security industry.

Through training, certificate advice and presentations, we arm our members with the latest news, trends and issues that are relevant to the industry.Consequently, this helps them adapt and grow in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace. We are dedicated to the growth and development of the industry. As such, we advocate on behalf of our members to address issues of importance and provide extensive networking opportunities that reach regionally, nationally and internationally. We serve as a key channel through which these companies can lobby and collaborate on collective issues.