MTU Maintenance Canada Ltd

Brad Audette
Director Engine Programs
Tel: (604) 233-5739

Helmut Neuper
President & CEO
Tel: (604) 233-5750

6020 Russ Baker Way

Richmond, BC, V7B 1B4

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MTU Maintenance Canada is the North American member of MTU Maintenance’s network of companies, the world leader in independent engine services. With about 400 employees, 127,550 sq. feet facilities and an engine test cell capable of up to 100,000 lbs of thrust at Vancouver’s International Airport, the company services engines and accessories including the V2500, GE CF6 and GE90 and CFMI CFM56. MTU Maintenance Canada is widely recognised for its long-standing service to a wide range of customers, including Southwest Airlines and the United States Air Force. Further, it is a leader in implementing commercial best practices into engine and accessory sustainment programs for the defense market.

Founded to offer customers increased accessory repair capabilities and a wider product portfolio, the Accessories Repair Center (A.R.C.) and its 100 employees provide fast and reliable accessory repairs. It specializes in servicing fuel, electrical and pneumatic engine accessories. Complimenting its repair activities, the A.R.C. provides one-stop-shop Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) management services – worldwide.

True to its motto “repair beats replacement”, the company offers customers first-class technological expertise combined with superior quality and optimized maintenance costs.