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Created in 2009, the Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN) brings together industry, university and government partners to reduce the aerospace industry’s environmental footprint. GARDN receives its funding from the Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) and the Canadian aerospace industry.

GARDN’s activities are structured around two strategic pillars: the funding of industrial research projects and the development of strategic thinking on green aviation in Canada. The network’s three research thrusts are the following: Clean, Quiet and Sustainable air transportation system. GARDN also pursues its participation in other national and international collaborative aerospace research initiatives.


Since its creation, GARDN has supported 37 projects with a total value of nearly $60M, including 20 now completed. Each will drive sustainable innovation for the aerospace industry. With a nearly $25M budget for its 20142019 program, GARDN is mandated to further the competitive edge of Canada’s aerospace industry by working to achieve reductions in the environmental footprints of next-generation aircraft, engines and avionics systems.


Jim Quick, GARDN Chairman | AIAC
Donald Ball, DB Geoservices
Dominique Collin, X-Noise
James Corrigan, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada
Michel Dion, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada
Denis Faubert, CRIAQ, CARIC
Richard Gold, McGill University
Jonathan Hack, Bombardier Aerospace
Rex Hygate, Esterline CMC Electronics
John Jastermski, MDS
Jerzy Komorowski, National Research Council Canada
Sylvain Larochelle, Pratt & Whitney Canada
Richard Legault, Institut de la confiance dans les organisations
Myrka Manzo, Air Canada
Dave T. O’Connor, Magellan Aerospace
Hayley Ozem, Pratt & Whitney Canada
Benny Pang, Bombardier Aerospace
Anoush Poursartip, University of British Columbia
David Zingg, University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies


André Bernier, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Sylvain Cofsky, GARDN
Denis Godin, 
Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada


740 Notre-Dame West Street
Suite 1515
Montreal, QC H3C 3X6

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