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Discovery Air Inc. is a global leader in specialty aviation services. We deliver exceptional air combat training, medevac equipped aircraft services, airborne fire services, air charter services, helicopter operations, and transport and logistics support to ensure operational readiness, health, safety, and vital lifelines for our clients and the communities we serve.

Combat Support: Using a fleet of modernized fighter aircraft, Discovery Air’s veteran pilots deliver live air combat training in challenging environments. Our specialties include Red Air threat replication, Joint Terminal Attack Controller training, practice munitions drop, air-to-air gunnery training, EW and naval target tow profiles. We are night vision goggle certified for real-world training scenarios. With over 57,000 hours, Discovery Air has the experience and expertise to provide live training targets to our military clients in Canada, the U.S., Germany 
and worldwide.

Fire Services: Discovery Air has been providing fire services to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for over 15 years and to other provincial and territorial governments. Our fixed-wing fire services are focused on airspace and air attack management and fire detection services and our rotary-wing fire services provides forest fire suppression services. Using infrared technology, we can detect fires as early as possible.

Fixed-Wing Services: Discovery Air provides a variety of fixed-wing and jet turboprop services in Northern and Western Canada. We are best known for our Dash 7 Combi aircraft and Twin Otter off-strip operations equipped with floats, skis and tundra tires. In remote locations, where traditional airstrips may not exist, this type of operation is often critical. Short take-off and landing aircraft that can utilize gravel air strips are essential to meeting the needs our clients.

Helicopter Operations: Discovery Air has over 30 years experience providing light, intermediate and medium single- and twin-engine specialty helicopter services. Our highly-skilled group of pilots each have an average of 6,000 hours in the cockpit. As an IFR and VFR certified operator, Discovery Air provides services from Baffin Island all the way to Chile. We offer cutting-edge solutions including power line repair, long line work and seismic exploration and heli-portable drilling. We assist in wildlife surveys and ecological tourism, among other custom capabilities.

Medevac Services: Discovery Air has a variety of dedicated Medevac aircraft, which are equipped with state-of-the-art full medical interiors. With over 15 years of experience and over 50,000 hours of safe air ambulance service, Discovery Air has the largest and most advanced Medevac fleet in the North.

Logistics & Expediting Services: Discovery Air builds and manages custom-designed, all-weather exploration camps. Amenities in these camps can include complete kitchen facilities, sleep tents, showers with hot and cold running water, complete office facilities and core logging facilities. We can also provide logistical support throughout the life of any project and offer environmental cleanup services afterwards. This type of package, when coupled with our fixed- and rotary-wing services, offers the ideal solution to our many exploration and drilling clients.

Discovery Air is a specialty aviation company.