Honeywell Aerospace (formerly COM DEV International)

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COM DEV International, now part of Honeywell Aerospace, is the largest designer-manufacturer of satellite technology in Canada, consistently delivering high-quality and innovative space hardware. We produce passive microwave equipment, rf electronics and optical systems for satellites used for global communications, space exploration, earth observation and surveillance. These satellites are used by commercial, civil and military operators.

We have global expertise and count all of the major satellite prime contractors, and many governments, among our customers. Honeywell’s COM DEV products are onboard over 900 spacecraft representing over 600 satellite programs.

Historically, COM DEV’s core strength has been building radio-frequency filtering and switching products, particularly large integrated multiplexing and switching assemblies for the commercial satellite market. While these core products remain an important part of the current product line and the company’s space heritage; today we are also a leading-edge technology source of space electronics, optical instruments, satellite search and rescue transponders, microsatellites and microsatellite mission solutions.

Our legacy COM DEV business also has a strong heritage of cooperative development programs with, and custom engineering solutions for, Canadian, U.S. and European space agencies and defence departments. Our recent acquisition by Honeywell Aerospace creates an even greater list of capabilities we can collectively offer the defence and space industries.

We harness innovative 
aerospace technologies to 
connect people, solve global issues and enrich society.