CEL Aerospace

Claude Lauzon
Corporate Vice President Sales & Strategic Development
Tel: 450-442-9994 x 249
| Fax: 450-442-1149

715 Delage Street, Suite 400

Longueuil, QC, J4G 2P8

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Based in Longueuil, Quebec with offices in Europe and the United States, CEL is a world leader in turnkey aviation engineTest Cells. We cover PUs, Turbopropellers, Turboshafts, small and mid-size Turbofans, both Civil and Military. CEL also offers Test benches for Accessories, Fuel Control Units and Fuel Nozzle; these are now available with a “Data Acquisition System” and auto test, increasing efficiency and effectiveness while reducing the cost of non-quality.

Founded in 1988, CEL has designed and delivered over 200 majorTest Cell projects in more than 25 countries.

CEL works closely with all major OEMs under licenses & approvals; P&WC, Hamilton Standard, Honeywell, GE Aviation, Rolls Royce and Safran Power Systems and Safran Helicopter Engines.


CEL delivers turnkey test benches for R&D, production and post overhaul testing.This includes all the mechanical systems, the advanced instrumentation and the Data Acquisition and Facility Control System in its proprietary version, the “CELDAS”® , or as a customized solution for its customers using COTS tools. CEL also undertakes the complete facility design and upgrade/build as required.