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Director, Strategic Business Development & Marketing
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Navigate Complex Government Procurement Markets Abroad with Confidence

As the defence and security export sales organization of the Government of Canada, the Canadian Commercial Corporation(CCC) helps Canadian companies access government procurement markets internationally through government-to-government contracts.

For over 65 years, CCC has helped Canadian exporters in the aerospace, defence and security sectors successfully secure contracts with governments of other nations. In42015-16, CCC worked with 145 Canadian companies and was active in over 70 countries.

Pursuing contracts in complex government markets can be simpler with CCC at your side. CCC is a trusted Government of Canada partner that offers government to government contracting benefitting Canadian companies in areas such as reduction of risk, access to buyers and competitiveness. CCC takes on the role as prime contractor and offers a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance.

Why Do Canadian Companies Choose CCC?
Access to foreign government decision-makers

  • Canadian companies get access to high-level government officials
  • Canadian exporters benefit from MOUs negotiated with buyers for acquisitions from Canada
  • CCC has knowledge of procurement policy and regulatory issues
  • CCC has experience negotiating contracts in various cultural landscapes

Competitive advantage of government-to-government approach

  • Canadian exporters are differentiated from competitors with a government to government sole-source contract option and Government of Canada contract guarantee
  • Canadian companies benefit from the option to reduce or eliminate performance bonds and/or advanced payment bonds to reduce costs
  • CCC is able to identify financing through export credit agencies and/or commercial lending institutions
  • CCC offers the credibility of the Canada brand as contracts are signed with the Government of Canada

Reduction of risk

  • Payment risk is reduced as all financial issues, payments and cash flows are executed through CCC
  • Corruption risk is reduced as CCC requires confirmation of ethical business practices for all transactions
  • Political risk is reduced through CCC’s enhanced high-level bilateral relationship
    Accelerated transaction time by eliminating RFP
  • Canadian exporters benefit from expedited acquisition processes on a government-to-government basis

Getting Started With CCC

CCC is looking for capable, innovative Canadian companies. To begin the conversation, Canadian companies need to meet the following criteria:

  • Are you selling or getting ready to sell to foreign governments?
  • Do you have at least two years of sales?
  • Do you have two years of audited financial statements?

If your company meets these requirements, get Pre-Qualified with CCC – contact us today at

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