Avascent Group

Michael Petric

440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON, K1R 7X6

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Avascent is the leading strategy and management consulting firm specializing in government-driven markets. We support senior decision makers in defence, space, public safety, cyber and other arenas by providing data analytics, decision support, strategy development, international expansion services, and M&A due diligence activities. Our analytical rigor and sophisticated fact-based analysis sets us apart.

Our services include:

Global Market Forecasts & Analysis:

  • Data-driven demand forecasts across multiple sectors
  • Analyze market drivers, trends and dynamics
  • Evaluatemarketadjacenciesandplanmarket entry strategies

Policy and Strategy Development:

  • Fact-based analysis of the industrial landscape, customer requirements, objectives, constraints, and the regulatory environment
  • Aligning objectives with resources and constraints

Investment Decision Making:

  • Corporate M&A strategy
  • M&A candidate search and screening
  • Buy-side due diligence and transaction support

Program Evaluation:

  • International best practices and benchmarking
  • Data interpretation and output evaluation

Cost and Pricing Analysis:

  • Best-in-class system cost modeling
  • Rigorous and transparent methods and outputs
  • Supporting both government should-cost and competitor price-to-win needs