Leonardo Helicopters (formerly AgustaWestland)

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Head of Region Canada
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Leonardo Helicopters formerly AgustaWestland, the Anglo-Italian helicopter company owned by Italy’s Leonardo, formerly Finmeccanica, is a total capability provider in the vertical lift market.
Through its rotorcraft systems design, development, production and integration capabilities, its experience in the training business and its customer focused Integrated Operational Support solutions, Leonardo Helicopters delivers unrivalled mission capability to military and commercial operators around the world.

This expertise, backed by technological excellence and innovation, makes the company a leader in a number of the world’s most important helicopter markets offering the widest range of advanced rotorcraft available for both commercial and military applications.
In Canada, Leonardo Helicopters has a footprint in both the civil and military sector.

Operating as the primary Search and Rescue helicopter for the Canadian Forces, the Cormorant offers an unrivalled capability, operating in any weather over long ranges. Since its inception, the aircraft has carried out a number of record-breakingye rescues that have been recognized by agencies throughout the world. The aircraft is praised for its dispatch reliability, for its capacious cabin, smooth ride quality, long range and safety. The SAR Squadrons have regularly completed successful missions where they have flown over 2000nm through snow and ice to save a person’s life. This capability has been recognized as a benefit by 14 different agencies of other nations operating the AW101 in the SAR, VVIP, Maritime, Utility and Special Forces roles. The versatility of this aircraft has led to continued development, which enables additional capability to be offered as upgrades or as new build.

In addition to the military market Leonardo Helicopters has a number of civil operators using the AW139, the AW109 and the AW119. The 15-seat AW139 can be utilized as a utility helicopter or as a VIP helicopter to suit customer requirements. Over 900 AW139 Aircraft have been ordered by approximately 220 different customers in over 70 different countries, making the AW139 the most popular helicopter in its class. A number of different agencies throughout the world have adopted this helicopter to meet their Coast Guard requirements due to its speed, large cabin, flat floor, excellent power to weight ratio and all-weather capability. It is the benchmark medium helicopter. The smaller AW109 is also built with a superb power to weight ratio that affords unrivaled safety, speed and comfort. The new 10-passenger AW169 was certified in 2015 and the AW189 entered commercial service for Bristow helicopters in 2015, as an 18-passenger offshore variant, and as a SAR helicopter.

The AW149, a military 18-passenger utility helicopter with an all-weather and hot and high capability, is also continuing in flight development along with military variants of the AW139M and the AW169M. Any one of these three helicopters is well positioned to fill the Griffon replacement role as the specification develops in the coming years.
The Company has invested heavily in the introduction of the first Civil Tilt Rotor aircraft the AW609. This aircraft capable of a cruise at 275Kt TAS, up to an altitude of 25,000 feet and a range of up to 750nm, is a striking introduction of new capability to both civil and parapublic roles.

With the current product range, the Leonardo Helicopters family of helicopters is capable of meeting the needs of government and civil sector demands. By continuing to develop each model, customers have repeatedly returned to the company for additional helicopters or improved capability enhancements to their existing fleet. For further information, please consult the company website at www.leonardocompany.com