Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia (ADIANS)

Catherine MacDonald
Managing Director
Tel: 902-425-0070
| Fax: 902-429-5237

Gordon Gale
Executive Director

1959 Upper Water Street, 13th Floor, Suite 1301
Halifax, NS, B3J 3N2

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The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia was established in 1995, and rebranded to ADIANS, Advancing Nova Scotia’s Marine, Aerospace and Defence Industries, in 2012. ADIANS is an industry-driven, not-for-profit association representing Nova Scotia’s aerospace, marine and defence-related sector interests, advocating on behalf of over 60 companies, many operating in a dynamic and growth-oriented export market.

Acting as the proactive and positive voice of the industry in Nova Scotia, ADIANS’ core mission is to identify industry potential and optimize the growth of business opportunities the aerospace, defence and security, ocean technology, unmanned vehicle systems, marine industries and shipbuilding sectors. ADIANS delivers on its mandate tofacilitate the promotion and development of these sectors and to work closely with its various government partners (federal, provincial and municipal) in the definition and implementation of growth strategies, and to maximize opportunities and increase work share through Industrial Regional Benefits(IRBs). As a progressive association, ADIANS encourages the pursuit of competitiveness enhancement initiatives, supplier development, industry certification, continued efforts focused on international business development,and high quality professional development events for its membership.

We are working towards creating a hub of advanced technology companies partnered 
with Nova Scotia to drive innovation and success. These actions optimize benefits and create a leading position forthe industry in attracting external commercial investments and also lead to increased collaboration with university research, development and commercialization initiatives.

Contract and supply chain awards to firms like Lockheed Martin, CAE, Stelia Aerospace North America, Fleetway, General Dynamics Canada,IMP Group Limited, L-3 Communications Electronic Systems, MDA and Ultra demonstrates our industry expertise, dynamic solutions and innovation. Given the members’ focus on growth, innovation, a skilled and loyal workforce and increased productivity, these sectors continue to meet and exceed the demands of its global customer base as it succeeds in the 21st century economy providing expertise in many areas, some as noted below:

Engineering Leadership: Design/Engineering/Manufacturing: Aircraftengines, metal and composite structural components, ocean mapping and charting,maritime surveillance and remote sensing.

Maintenance, Repair,Overhaul (MRO): Fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and ships

Advanced Technology: Marine,aerospace mission systems, secure communications, advanced learning technologies,modeling and simulation, training systems integration and information systems integration