ABB Inc.

Marc Corriveau
General Manager, LBU Canada Business Unit, Measurement & Analytics Division, Process Automation
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Jacques Giroux
Business Development Manager - Business Unit, Measurement & Analytics Division, Process Automation
Tel: (418) 877-8126
Fax: (418) 877-2834

3400 Pierre-Ardouin Street
Quebec City, QC, G1P 0B2

Since 1973, our dedicated team provides solutions to address the needs of our customers in the Space and Defence industry. With over 20 optical systems on-orbit and in manufacturing processes, our company is the largest Canadian supplier of space-based optical sensors for atmospheric and weather applications. Over 90% of the current company’s space revenues are generated from exports. Customers comprise most major space agencies, several large space companies, and various research and development organizations including universities and research institutes.


ABB specializes in optical remote sensing instruments for space applications such as atmospheric science, environment monitoring, weather forecasting and astronomy. Space products and technologies include:

  • Optical instruments
  • Hyperspectral imagers
  • Flight calibration devices
  • Optical ground support equipment
  • Software simulators and data analysis


With over 40 years of experience, an expertise focused on optical instruments for atmospheric monitoring, and a strong synergy between space and industrial analytical technologies, our company supports its customers’ missions in various ways ranging from feasibility studies to hardware realization of complete optical instruments or modules. The company also offers ground-based and airborne instruments.


In addition to its key contributions to the space program of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), ABB is also very active on the international scene and has supported over the years a large number of missions for several different agencies and space contractors.


The space business is an important part of ABB Measurement & Analytics and past projects have been very successful. For instance, the ACE-FTS instrument, originally designed for a two-year lifespan, has been operating for over 13 years on the SCISAT-1 satellite of the CSA and still continues to provide excellent scientific data of the Earth’s atmosphere. The CrIS interferometers, built by ABB under a $100-million contract, are among the most sophisticated optical systems ever built for weather applications. In 2009, the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) awarded the SCISAT-1 team with the Alouette Award for outstanding contribution to advancement in Canadian space technology, applications, science and engineering. In 2006, ABB was presented with a NPOESS Outstanding Supplier Award from Northrop Grumman Corporation. Dr . Henry Buijs, Chief Technical Officer at ABB, was awarded the John Chapman Award from the Canadian Space Agency in 2011 for his contributions to the Canadian space program.