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3M offers a wide variety of aerospace solutions including world-class bonding and sealing applications, aircraft surface protection and enhancement, and thermal acoustic systems to 
enable our customers to make lighter, safer and quieter while constructed faster.

Low-Density Polysulfide Sealants
3M Sealants offers a wide portfolio of lightweight sealant solutions for fuel tanks, fuselages, access doors, windshield and windows, and cabin pressurization needs. These superior-performing, low-density sealants weigh up to 30% lighter than traditional aircraft sealants on the market today.

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ FR and FST Bonding 
Solutions for Aircraft Interiors are designed to 
meet the FAA’s flame resistance requirements. 
These aircraft fire protection products offer durable bonds with proven performance for materials such 
as: metals, composites, and honeycomb panels.

  • Low-density void filling compounds
  • Semi-structural adhesives/potting compounds
  • High-strength structural adhesives

3M can take your business to new heights with our acoustic and thermal insulation portfolio. The combination of different insulation materials 
allows for a full complement of solutions that addresses the full range of unwanted airborne 
and structure-borne noise without adding 
excess weight.

  • Created with lightweight, flame-retardant materials
Prefabricated for each area of the aircraft
  • Installed faster and more economically than traditional systems
  • Customized kitting

Constructed faster
Cut down on production time and cost by using 
some of the newer 3M solutions. Designed for efficient application and easy inspection, our portfolio of products work together to help reduce maintenance costs, extend service life and enable safer aircraft.

  • 3M ready-to-go, Mix-on-Demand Sealant System
  • 3M Aircraft Corrosion Prevention System