Jean-François Duquette
Account Executive
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Quebec, QC, G1V 2M2

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Ecosystem can serve aerospace clients by increasing the performance of manufacturing plants, office buildings, airports, and hangars.

We work to maximize subsidies and energy savings so your infrastructure upgrades prove to be a profitable investment. We also bring the design and construction workforce to deliver fully optimized projects and to help you meet your goals faster than normally expected.

Since 1993, Ecosystem has improved the energy performance of over 1200 facilities in Canada and the US, generating more than $400M in energy savings and avoiding over 800,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our recent project with an aerospace firm received the Process and Technology Improvement Award from CIPEC (Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation).

Results-driven engineering: Our projects are focused on meeting our clients’ specific goals:

  • value-added asset renewal
  • improved energy efficiency
  • increased productivity for industrial processes n green energy production

In our commitment to deliver results, we provide contractual guarantees for project costs, energy savings, subsidies, and systems performance. Ultimately, we assume the risk and are fully accountable for the project’s success.This drives us to deliver high-performance projects.

Whole-systems design: We approach energy infrastructures as an integrated whole, studying all systems to see how they interact and how they could operate at peak performance. This deeper approach generates significantly higher savings and long-term value, and provides attractive opportunities to renew critical assets and improve systems functionality.

Collaborative approach: Our client stakeholders are fully integrated into our project teams, a highly collaborative approach that optimizes results, creates more value for the client, and maximizes efficiencies.