Aflare Systems Inc.

Roman Ronge
Tel: (289) 298-2978

37 Edgemont Drive
Brampton, ON, L6V 1K9

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Aflare Systems Inc. is a privately owned systems engineering, design and development company with strong emphasis on robust embedded control systems, communication solutions and support equipment for the aerospace, defense and medical device industries, where reliability and safety is a top priority.

Since incorporation in 2005, Aflare Systems Inc. has been providing its clients with custom engineering design solutions, including digital and power systems, sensor suites, software applications and real-time control for critical systems. We take great pride in providing high quality products in conjunction with continuous support to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our engineering and project management methods and highly innovative designs reflect our team’s relentless drive to ensure client satisfaction through cutting-edge technologies and resources.

Products and services

  • Design including simulations, analyses and trade-off studies, development and prototyping of various hardware systems and subsystems including RF communication, instrumentation sensors for operation in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Integration of systems and subsystems with environmental testing and support as well as designs verification and validation.
  • Embedded and real-time software control system design, development and implementation for mission critical, safety and high reliability systems.
  • Project management and technical leadership excellence with application of industry standards and practices, including military and medical devices standards.