CCAA Cross-Canada Meetings

Event Date: March 12-28, 2018

Location: Vancouver; Halifax; Toronto; Montreal; Winnipeg

CCAA has scheduled a series of meetings across Canada to do three things:

  1. Host an industry focus-group meeting to discuss, critique and validate the proposed CCAA Accelerated Assessment and Certification (AAC) Process. Attendees will receive a document describing the process prior to the meeting and will have an opportunity to participate in a guided discussion validating the process. The feedback will be incorporated in the final assessment process roll-out. Click for an overview of the AAC project.
  2. Provide an update on CCAA’s current projects and activities: Student Work Integrated Learning Program, Student Work Integrated Learning Program, (SWILP); Labour Market Information, (LMI), Report 2018; Key Aspects of the Accelerated Assessment and Certification Project (AAC), Current Training Workshops, Online Training, and developing the National Labour Market Strategy.
  3. Introduce the CCAA Magnet Online Job Matching system; a faster way for employers to find qualified candidates, and for job-seekers and graduates to find the employers that need them.

A Breakfast or Lunch will be served.

The full CCAA tour includes the following visits:

Though this event is free, space is limited; we would appreciate it if you would register. Thanks.

March 12, 2018 Vancouver Airport Hilton 9:30AM – 3PM Register
March 15, 2018 Halifax Airport Hilton Garden Inn 9:30AM – 3PM Register
March 19, 2018 Toronto Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel and Suites 9:30AM – 3PM Register
March 23, 2018 Montreal Airport Hilton Garden Inn 9:30AM – 3PM Register
March 28, 2018 Winnipeg Airport Hilton Garden Inn 9:30AM – 3PM Register


For More Information, please contact Leslie Hogan, CCAA Project Manager, at 613-727-8272 Ext. 225 or