Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018

Event Date: February 13-15, 2018

Location: Toronto, ON

The CSCA Canadian SmallSat Symposium delivers technical, commercial, financial, policy and outreach thought leadership to and for Canada.


Small Satellites, Responsible Revolution is the theme this year, focusing on the sustainability of space. Topics such as space debris, space security, socioeconomic impacts, environmental (terrestrial and orbital), commercial sustainability, long-term policy and much more.


To position Canada to provide solutions and technologies to mitigate this concern, the CSCA is bringing together stakeholders from across the country and internationally to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration.


The expanded symposium will feature a comprehensive program covering Business and Finance, Data and Technical, Education and Public Outreach, Science, Launch Opportunities and Challenges, Space Policy and Law.


The Symposium will include exhibition, keynotes, plenaries, sessions, panels, and many networking opportunities.


Canada’s recognized expertise in small satellites makes this the must-attend event.


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