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Shipley Canada is a professional services company and part of Shipley's global network of companies. The core and only business of Shipley worldwide is the broad spectrum of business development. Shipley defines the business development lifecycle as spanning early-stage market segmentation, opportunity assessment, capture planning, proposal management and preparation along with post-award transitioning into implementation. Shipley injects rigour and discipline into the various stages of the business development process by bringing to bear sophisticated best practices delivered by, arguably, the best trainers and consultants in the business.

Shipley Canada was created in 2008 with headquarters in Ottawa. The company services the growing Canadian marketplace with its three major divisions: training, consulting and process improvement. The company offers opportunity-specific consulting support such as:

  • Full outsourcing of capture planning and proposal preparation
  • Specialized staff augmentation to clients' bids and proposals teams
  • Strategic consulting for milestone events such as bid/no-bid decisions and colour-team reviews
  • Focused, just-in-time training, preparatory to an RFP response
  • The company also offers important consulting support in the area of process improvement whereby a client's current business development process is assessed against capability maturity benchmarks and then, where warranted, Shipley leads a project to re-design, roll out and train on a new and improved process and guide book.

On the training side, Shipley offers a wide range of one, two and multi-day workshops that are organized as either open-enrollment events or as on-site workshops dedicated to an individual client's specific needs. A few of the most popular workshop titles are:

  • Pricing to Win
  • Capturing Federal Business
  • Winning Sales Proposals
  • Winning Executive Summaries

Shipley's intellectual property, supporting materials and consulting depth are of unparalleled quality. The company has a historical and recurring track record of generating unprecedented win rates for clients in the order of 80% or more. The company numbers 43 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies among its clients.

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Products and Services

  • Business consultants
  • Computer aided training
  • Computer base training
  • Government relations consultants
  • Management consultants
  • Management training
  • Manufacturing & processing consultants
  • Marketing consultants
  • Project / program management
  • Support services
  • Trade promotion