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Export Development Canada is Canada's export credit agency. EDC offers innovative commercial solutions to help Canadian exporters and investors expand their international business. EDC's knowledge and partnerships are used by more than 8,300 Canadian companies and their global customers in up to 200 markets worldwide each year.



Our support to the sector has continued to grow over the past 20 years. In 2014, EDC’s support to the Canadian aerospace sector exceeded $5 billion. Our support to the sector has continued to grow over the past 20 years. At the end of 2014, aerospace loan assets in EDC's loan portfolio exceeded $9 billion.




The support that EDC provides to the sector includes the following:




On average, EDC facilitates between $2.5 and $3.5 billion in aerospace financing on a yearly basis. The main use of EDC financing is to foreign purchasers to support export sales of aircraft, engines, simulators and parts.



Alternative Financing Solutions:

In addition to direct financing, EDC also provides a number of alternative financing solutions to help Canada's aerospace exporters compete internationally, including guarantees, lines of credit, equipment financing and note purchase facilities.



Accounts Receivables Insurance:

EDC also provides a significant amount of support to the aerospace sector through its Accounts Receivables Insurance (ARI) program. ARI insures a company's receivables, providing certainty that the money owed to them by their customers will be converted into cash by their due date. Given that receivables are often a considerable asset on a company's balance sheet, EDC's ARI makes it easier for a financial institution to lend against that asset.




More and more buyers are asking for bonds to ensure suppliers can meet their obligations. EDC offers a suite of products that can work with your bank to free up your working capital and ensure you are protected.


EDC is a Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada. The corporation is financially self-sustaining and operates on commercial principles.


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