Canadian Aerospace Sector Profiles

  • Canada’s aerospace industry can be divided into seven main product/service subsectors:

    Complete Aircraft

    With nearly a century of aircraft production heritage, Canada has earned a solid reputation at the forefront of 21st Century powered flight. Learn more >> 

    Aircraft Engines & Parts

    Canada is a world leader in turbine-powered aviation engines for business and regional aircraft, and helicopters. Learn more >> 

    Aircraft Systems & Parts

    Canadian manufacturers of aircraft systems and parts are suppliers of choice to the world’s aircraft manufacturers and air framers. Learn more >> 

    Simulation & Training 

    Canadian firms lead the world in the design and manufacture of large flight simulators, visual systems and flight training devices. Learn more >> 

    Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

    Canadian MRO firms generate more than $3 billion in annual revenues and employ some 17,000 highly skilled workers. Learn more >> 

    Avionics & Mission Systems 

    Canadian firms possess world-class strengths in civil aircraft avionics suites, military aircraft command and control systems, visualization imagery devices, airborne surveillance devices, and air navigation management aids. Learn more >> 

    Space Technologies

    Canadian space firms have world-leading capabilities in areas such as satellite-based communication services, space robotics, and earth observation. Learn more >>