Success Stories

  • Canada has a long and proud history of aerospace success. With aviation “firsts” and space accomplishments known around the world, Canadian aerospace companies continue to push the boundaries of air and space.

    Learn about some of the most successful Canadian aerospace technologies and companies by reading the captivating AIAC Member Success Stories listed below.

    Boeing Canada - Reducing Hazardous Waste - Thumbnail Boeing Canada - Reducing manufacturing waste: Boeing Winnipeg’s household hazardous waste collection held each year in April once again will helped keep environmentally toxic items from landing into landfills.
    Bombarier C-Series Thumbnail Bombardier C-Series Aircraft: Canada’s Bombardier CSeries aircraft are set to re-write the rules for operational flexibility, cost effectiveness and passenger comfort in 100- to 149-seat class aircraft.
    CAE NH90 Simulator Thumbnail CAE NH90 Helicopter Simulator: Canada’s CAE played a key role in the design and development of the world’s first full-mission NH90 helicopter simulator.
    Heroux-Devtek Lunar Module Thumbnail Héroux-Devtek Lunar Module Landing Gear: Canadian hardware was the first to touch the moon when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their successful landing in 1969.
    l-3 mas image L-3 MAS:Through innovative design practices and upgrades, L-3 MAS of Mirabel, Québec has developed world class expertise in extending the service life of Canadian and international aircraft.    

    MDA Canadarm: Canada’s Shuttle Remote Manipulator System – better known as the “Canadarm” – has played a vital role in human spaceflight and space activities for more than 25 years.


    Neptec - LCS: The LCS is a high-precision, 3D laser scanner used by NASA to perform on-orbit inspection of the shuttle’s thermal protection system to assess damage and clear the shuttle for landing.

    NTI FENSAP-ICE Thumbnail NTI FENSAP-ICE: Canada’s Newmerical Technologies International (NTI) has developed the world’s first commercially-available in-flight icing simulation system.
    Pratt & Whitney Canada  - Success Story Thumbnail Pratt & Whitney Canada - Advancing R&D Through Collaboration: Pratt & Whitney Canada partners with Canadian universities to advance the research and development of its propulsion systems and help students gain real-world aerospace experience.
    Rolls Royce Canada - Training - Thumb

    Rolls-Royce Canada - Training Tomorrow’s Aerospace Technicians: Rolls-Royce Canada is providing Canadian students, employees and job-seekers with hands-on aircraft engine maintenance and turbine engine inspection experience.


    UTIAS - Bringing Apollo 13 Home: In 1970, calculations by a group of Canadian engineers helped Apollo 13 astronauts return safely to Earth after an explosion damaged their spacecraft and threatened their lives.