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  • AIAC’s Technical Committees are central to the AIAC’s policy and advocacy functions. Members of these committees provide industry insights and guidance with respect to issues related to specific industry segments or topics of concern or interest.

    Following the release of the 2012 Emerson Report on federal aerospace programs and policies, our committees have been aligned in order to reflect the themes addressed in the Report and to support the policy and advice role of the association with respect to the implementation of the Report recommendations. Ongoing issues of concern to members remain at the core of committee mandates.

    In the shorter term, committees will focus their work on providing government with useful insight and advice with respect to the recent 2013 Economic Action Plan commitments.

    Membership on these committees is open to AIAC members and partners only. To join any of these committees, please contact the AIAC staff lead indicated for that committee.

    Current committees are:

    Market Access & Civil Aviation

    The Market Access and Civil Aviation Committee deals with the Emerson Report recommendations related to economic diplomacy, multilateral and bi-lateral agreements, export and domestic controls. In addition, the committee is responsible for all issues related to Transport Canada’s regulatory and compliance affairs, among others.

    Chair: David Curtis, President & CEO, Viking Air
    Vice Chair: Pierre Pyun, Vice President, Government Relations, Bombardier Inc.
    AIAC Staff Lead: Lucie Boily

    • Civil Aviation
    • Export Controls

    Upcoming Meetings: October 9 at 11:00 AM -- Ottawa

    Public Procurement & Defence

    The Public Procurement and Defence Committee is responsible for providing industry insights and advice with respect to the implementation of the Emerson recommendations related to Industrial Benefits and In-Service-Support (ISS) as well as all other issues related to federal procurement including the Key Industrial Capabilities initiative (KICs), governance and industrial base policy related matters. (Note that Export Controls and ITARs are addressed by the Market Access and Civil Aviation Committee.)

    Chair: Barry Kohler, President, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada
    Vice Chair: David Gossen, President, IMP Aerospace
    AIAC Staff Lead: Iain Christie

    • Industrial Regional Benefits (IRBs)
    • In-Service Support (ISS)
    • Key Industrial Capabilities (KICs)

    Upcoming Meetings: TBC


    The Skills Committee is a new committee responsible for providing the necessary advice and support to guide Government initiatives so that their programs, policies and mechanisms respond to the industry’s current and future requirements and provide a break-through approach to the development of a highly skilled workforce in Canada.

    Chair: Greg Yeldon, President, Esterline CMC Electronics
    Vice Chair: Tony Burgess, President, TDM Technical Services
    AIAC Staff Lead: Vlada Shilina

    • Studies and Workplace Experience
    • Upskilling
    • Infrastructure

    Upcoming Meetings: TBC

    Small Business

    The Small Business Committee is focused on providing advice and input into the other Technical Committees with regards to the implementation of the Emerson Report recommendations and to AIAC staff, so that issues and concerns specific to small businesses are taken into consideration and that efforts are deployed to finding solutions for the long term. Additionally, the Small Business Committee works toward developing stronger ties with larger member companies within AIAC.

    Chair: Pat Mann, President & CEO, Patlon Aircraft & Industries Ltd.
    Vice Chair: Iain Christie, President & CEO, Neptec
    AIAC Staff Lead: Iain Christie
    Sub-Committees: None
    Upcoming Meetings: TBC


    AIAC’s Space Committee concentrates its efforts on the Emerson Report’s recommendations related to space as well as on any other issue impacting the competitiveness of Canadian space companies, including space-related public procurement issues, government priorities relating to the space program, and international trade and business development.

    Chair: Dave Caddey, Executive Vice President, MDA
    Vice Chair: Ron Holdway, Vice President of Government Relations, COM DEV
    AIAC Staff Lead: Iain Christie
    Sub-Committees: None
    Upcoming Meetings: TBC

    Supply Network Development

    The Supply Network Development Committee’s focus is on developing a national consensus and approach to enhance the competitiveness of the Canadian Supply Chain and ensuring Canadian firms are appropriately supported on a national basis, in line with the recommendations in the Emerson Report.

    Chair: Pierre Delestrade, President & CEO, EADS Canada
    Vice Chair: Konrad Hanelt, Vice President, Strategic Global Sourcing, Magellan Aerospace; and Benoit Beaudoin, Vice President, Operations, Pratt & Whitney Canada
    AIAC Staff Lead: Lucie Boily
    Sub-Committees: None
    Upcoming Meetings: October 11, 10:30AM (Ottawa, ON)

    Technology & Innovation

    The Technology and Innovation Committee is a new committee that provides expert and advice necessary to support the successful and timely implementation of the technology recommendations contained in the Emerson Report.

    Chair: David Schellenberg, President & CEO, Conair Inc.
    Vice Chair: Fassi Kafyeke, Manager, Advanced Aerodynamics and Strategic Technology, Bombardier Aerospace
    AIAC Staff Lead: Lucie Boily

    • Technology Demonstration
    • Technology Collaboration and Infrastructure
    • SADI Terms and Conditions

    Upcoming Meetings: TBC